Donkey Girl!

Perhaps you have been in here on occasion and your hand has brushed against the most marvelous fabric. “Ah! What was that?” you proclaim. The shopgirl turns her head, and in a low voice, replies, “Why, it’s DonkeyGirl of course!”

You look to the tag, and your eyes widen. “This is made here in Missoula!”

That’s correct, my friend! DonkeyGirl is a one woman operation, manned by Julia LaTray herself. Another amazing fact, she works here at Betty’s! She may have even advised you once or twice how to style your Betty’s gear, or how an item might be altered to better fit you. Julia is not has an incredible acumen for fashion, but also is a whiz at the sewing machine and dye vats! She hand dyes every piece, so no two are ever exactly alike. Just like the women who wear her pieces!

Her cuts are simple and flattering. Her silk velvet collection is what she is more widely known for, but her work with raw silk is equally fantastic.

So come and see them IRL at the shop! But hurry…they don’t last long here!

Our Favorite US-made brands!

We are proud to support not only a bevy of US manufactured brands but local designers as well! And in this day and age when so many people are interested in shopping local AND made in America, we thought it might be nice to highlight some of our favorite companies that are designed and made in the good ol’ US of A!


Michael Stars–you know the deal, the best basics in the universe!












Prairie Underground–made famous by their incredible hoodies and cloaks, now a closet staple with their denim.












Red Wing Heritage–Shoes made in America are even more rare than clothing made in the USA! The fact that Red Wing boots are made in Red Wing, Minnesota aren’t the only cool thing about them. They’ve got style and are built to last.










Texture-Missoula’s skirt!! Organic cotton/hemp blends and flattering fits. You’ll need one in every color.












Nooworks–collabs with artists and classic fits make this SF-based brand a Missoula girl closet staple.











And now we venture into the Missoula made section!

Donkey Girl–oh le sigh. Donkey Girl how we love you! Silks in either velvet or their raw form. Kimonos, dresses, and t’s. I want everything she makes.












Bean-an-ti—LOCAL SHOES. And a clog to boot! Suuuuuper talented lady Maren Lorenz is our local clog maker extrodinaire. *insert hands praying emoji*












Pinchflat–Badass leather and canvas bags and wallets. Proudly made in Missoula, MT!












Crooked Needle Leather-locally made gorgeous leather wallets, backpacks, and totes. Made to withstand a beating.












Moonrush-locally made Space Caftans, pants, and dresses! Futuristic wear for those who enjoy quality and comfort.












Want even more USA made shit?? Check out our vintage section where (since things back there are 20 years or older) most clothing was made in the USA, and often times union made!

Spring ~Trend~ Forecast

Seems like it’s been a while since we’ve done a Buying Trip Blog! In February, Aimee and I traveled to faraway lands such as Las Vegas and Angeles to view and/or order the clothing, shoes, and accessories we have at Betty’s. And man, was it a good trip! Already new shit is rolling in everyday, although most things we order one or two seasons ahead of time. Which means in February we pick out most of the fall fashions…weird and confusing, right?! Sometimes before we step into a booth I have to ask Aimee to remind me…wait what season are we in??

But I digress.

This trip indeed was a great one, mostly because the Spring trends right now are so flippin’ fun. Here’s some of our favorites…

MESH-easy & breezy, what’s not to love?












EMBROIDERY-our favorite! Colorful embellishment as far as the eye can see.











MESH WITH EMBROIDERY-these two trends made a baby!!












POMPOMS-expect to see these on…everything.










70S FLORALS-the prints this season are outta this world!







ROBES-as outerwear!! Score one for the lazy peeps!









Anyhoo…these are some trends you can expect to see here this Spring!



Stretch dat Denim!

So, denim. Stretch denim. At this point we’re so accustomed to stretch denim, we expect to buy all our jeans a number or two down from our normal size. But ya know that wasn’t how it always was??????












Denim used to come STIFF. AND TIGHT. AND STIFF. Like so tight you could barely walk in them.

Of course they used a drawing for this ad. Cuz nobody can do this in their new Levi’s!











This kinda denim had the BEST FIT, because like a birkenstock, the fit depends on YOUR BODY. Like the denim molds to your booty! But was this an easy task to accomplish? Hell no!

And I know because I’m currently on the other side of the denim struggle. Because Betty’s got a whole batch of amaaaaazing Levi’s jeans! And while some of their jeans come with a bit of stretch, like the Mile High Super Skinny (hello best new high rise jeans), most come re-cut in their original *vintage style* denim. And while we are talking about a re-make of favorite vintage styles, we also mean the serious, thick, 100% cotton denim. If you think these are gonna fit like your favorite Joe’s Jeans in their silky, deluxe, and stretchy denim, you got another thing coming! These bad boys are the real deal. The styles we have currently in stock for the ladies are the 505c (favored by the Ramones and the Stones), the 501 (basically the first pair of jeans EVER MADE!), the 517 (cropped bootcut for the style mavens), and the Wedgie! Which brings me to my story. I recently purchased the Wedgie jeans, and I think they are my favorite pair of jeans ever!


I mean just look at them! This isn’t me, but this is a good representation of how they fit.


But they literally hurt me when I put them on. Like ouch, they were soooo tight, I actually brought them back to Betty’s with the intention of sizing up. But when I tried on the size up, they gapped at the waist like crazy! But the legs fit much better…What was a girl to do? Answer: persevere.  I stuck with my original size and decided to do some reading up and figure out how to stretch them. Basically, like a leather shoe that you want to mold to your foot, you want to wet the denim, and then put it on. And when it’s 18 degrees in February, this just doesn’t sound that appealing. But I had to persevere! So I put them in the washing machine, put the wet jeans back on, and did a bunch of squats in them. And lo and behold, the darn things began to stretch! And continue to stretch and be more comfortable as the days wear on.

So things to remember: Buy them tight, even if it hurts at first! Wear them around wet to get that special, molded to you fit! And lastly, the best part, wash them as little as possible, and never ever dry them.

And yes we have loads of men’s styles too! In particular the 511 in a few different washes, and even a “commuter style” which has four stretch and a higher back for dudes who ride to work!

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