Which B.A. Betty are you?

Since the beginning of time, there have been many powerful women kickin’ butt, taking names, and changing the course of history. The phrase “The Future Is Female” has been coming up a lot lately around the shop (partially because of the rad line of t-shirts by OTHERWILD) but the past was certainly female, too. Which one of these badass ladies are you?


-Loves magic
-Owns more than one tarot deck
-Will read your crushes birth chart to make sure you’re astrologically
compatible before you waste your time (i.e. a good friend)
-Voice of an angel







-Spends more time in a cafe drinking coffee and reading poetry
than at home
-Prefers to wear jeans and a t-shirt
and has a finely curated collection of both
-Takes no sh*t from anyone
-Kinda shy at first, but put her in front of a microphone
and she will scream louder than anyone else







-Ain’t afraid to fight in a mini-dress and high heels
-Half of her closet is leopard print, the other half is sequins
-Loves karaoke
-Stays out ’til the wee hours of the morning, but still shows up
to work on time, with fresh hair and makeup, with coffee in hand.
-Instills fear in the hearts of men










-Bedroom walls are covered with her friend’s art
-Will give you a tattoo in exchange for your
brother’s old Melvins t-shirt
-Always covered in glitter
-Considers herself an experimental hair stylist








-Will call you out on your sh*t
-Driven to be the best at what she does, always.
-Politically active AF









-You can tell her mood by how many
beaded necklaces she’s wearing at once
-Doesn’t mind smoke
-Life of the party
-Chill as heck
-Has singlehandedly won multiple bar fights






We’re Hiring!

Hey Betty’s!

We are hoping to add ANOTHER Betty to the team. We’re looking for a guy or gal with a good sense of humor and an outgoing personality to fill a part time position. A fondness for doing accents and random celebrity gossip is valued, as well as a desire to speak with complete strangers and play dress up all day long.

Please stop in with your resume during our open hours!

Oh, and you can’t be allergic to cats! Cuz, Jethro, duh.

The Future Is Female.


You might have seen our bevy of new shirts and tanks and pins from LA based designer/shop Otherwild, that proclaim, “The Future Is Female.” These shirts may be new but the slogan itself is not! In 1975, the shirt was designed for Labryis Books in NYC, one of the first feminist bookstores ever. Although the origin of the shirt dates back to the ’70s, it was re-popularized when a woman (HRC, duh) was a main candidate for POTUS last year. And throughout the marches and protests that followed the election and inauguration day, this slogan became a rallying cry. In Clinton’s first public appearance since the inauguration, she was quoted during her speech, “Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that yes, the future is female.”

So what exactly does this particular feminist slogan mean? Well, the hotly controversial word “feminist” doesn’t mean that woman are better than men, but more so the reach for equality between the sexes. So, in my opinion, “The Future Is Female,” means not a world run solely by females, but by MORE females. More females owning businesses, more female executives, more females in office, more female scientists, and more females in leadership positions in general. And that’s something I feel like we can all get behind? Maybe it’s because for the last six years, I’ve had the pleasure of working for a bad ass business lady. I’ve seen the benefit of working for a woman owned business, and seen her positive influence on other female entrepreneurs and the community at large.

So, dudes and dudettes, the Future Is Female.


Donkey Girl!

Perhaps you have been in here on occasion and your hand has brushed against the most marvelous fabric. “Ah! What was that?” you proclaim. The shopgirl turns her head, and in a low voice, replies, “Why, it’s DonkeyGirl of course!”

You look to the tag, and your eyes widen. “This is made here in Missoula!”

That’s correct, my friend! DonkeyGirl is a one woman operation, manned by Julia LaTray herself. Another amazing fact, she works here at Betty’s! She may have even advised you once or twice how to style your Betty’s gear, or how an item might be altered to better fit you. Julia is not has an incredible acumen for fashion, but also is a whiz at the sewing machine and dye vats! She hand dyes every piece, so no two are ever exactly alike. Just like the women who wear her pieces!

Her cuts are simple and flattering. Her silk velvet collection is what she is more widely known for, but her work with raw silk is equally fantastic.

So come and see them IRL at the shop! But hurry…they don’t last long here!

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