Stretch dat Denim!

So, denim. Stretch denim. At this point we’re so accustomed to stretch denim, we expect to buy all our jeans a number or two down from our normal size. But ya know that wasn’t how it always was??????












Denim used to come STIFF. AND TIGHT. AND STIFF. Like so tight you could barely walk in them.

Of course they used a drawing for this ad. Cuz nobody can do this in their new Levi’s!











This kinda denim had the BEST FIT, because like a birkenstock, the fit depends on YOUR BODY. Like the denim molds to your booty! But was this an easy task to accomplish? Hell no!

And I know because I’m currently on the other side of the denim struggle. Because Betty’s got a whole batch of amaaaaazing Levi’s jeans! And while some of their jeans come with a bit of stretch, like the Mile High Super Skinny (hello best new high rise jeans), most come re-cut in their original *vintage style* denim. And while we are talking about a re-make of favorite vintage styles, we also mean the serious, thick, 100% cotton denim. If you think these are gonna fit like your favorite Joe’s Jeans in their silky, deluxe, and stretchy denim, you got another thing coming! These bad boys are the real deal. The styles we have currently in stock for the ladies are the 505c (favored by the Ramones and the Stones), the 501 (basically the first pair of jeans EVER MADE!), the 517 (cropped bootcut for the style mavens), and the Wedgie! Which brings me to my story. I recently purchased the Wedgie jeans, and I think they are my favorite pair of jeans ever!


I mean just look at them! This isn’t me, but this is a good representation of how they fit.


But they literally hurt me when I put them on. Like ouch, they were soooo tight, I actually brought them back to Betty’s with the intention of sizing up. But when I tried on the size up, they gapped at the waist like crazy! But the legs fit much better…What was a girl to do? Answer: persevere.  I stuck with my original size and decided to do some reading up and figure out how to stretch them. Basically, like a leather shoe that you want to mold to your foot, you want to wet the denim, and then put it on. And when it’s 18 degrees in February, this just doesn’t sound that appealing. But I had to persevere! So I put them in the washing machine, put the wet jeans back on, and did a bunch of squats in them. And lo and behold, the darn things began to stretch! And continue to stretch and be more comfortable as the days wear on.

So things to remember: Buy them tight, even if it hurts at first! Wear them around wet to get that special, molded to you fit! And lastly, the best part, wash them as little as possible, and never ever dry them.

And yes we have loads of men’s styles too! In particular the 511 in a few different washes, and even a “commuter style” which has four stretch and a higher back for dudes who ride to work!


Hello there, Kittens. Miranda, our usual blogger extraordinaire, is on an excursion in Mexico drinking margaritas and lounging in the tropical climate. (We’re all very jealous.) *palm tree emoji*

So! It’s me! Your favorite eyebrow model, Kaylen Alan Krebsbach, coming at you hot from behind the counter at Betty’s to share my 2017 fashion fantasy football predictions, the shop’s weekly music selections, and much much more. Fasten your seatbelt, because this year is shaping up to be one of the wildest yet.

When I was pondering my New Years resolutions a few weeks ago, I decided that this year I was going to get out of my box. I think we can all agree, 2016, though it had its brighter moments (Obama-Biden friendship bracelets, Solange’s album “A Seat at the Table” and the introduction of our shop cat/doorman Jethro, to name a few) was the Ross Gellar of years. It was brutally disappointing, obnoxious at times (alright, most of the time), and just generally a flop. And while we’re all very glad that it’s over, it’s time to look forward to all of the good (and admittedly scary) things to come in 2017. And among those good things, as with every new year, is a chance to shake up your style and do something off the charts. Which brings me to our next segment:

“Kaylen Alan’s Fashion Fantasy Football League Predicitions 2k17”

Fashion, like a lot of things, is very cyclical. If it has been done, you can expect it to come back around with a twist in the next 20 or so years. (80s does 50s, 90s does 70s, etc.–this phenomenon is also what single-handedly revived the velvet choker. Thank GOODNESS!) The mystery, though, is just *what* things will come back around. After examining my closet and noticing that half of it was either black or denim, one of my resolutions became, to put it very simply, get WEIRD. I wanted to embrace all of the trends that I was too timid to embrace before (if they had cycled around yet or not), put my Boy Scout color palette on the back burner and do something new. So, being the curious kitten that I am, I began to search for style inspiration.

I have always admired people with unconventional styles. I became obsessed with those who were brave enough to go out of the established boundaries and enter the realm of limitless possiblity. People who would blur the lines between Rock star and Fashion Icon like David Bowie, Elton John, and Boy George always appealed to me. And in a more contemporary sense, those lines are still being blurred by people like french singer Soko and Claire Boucher (also known as electronic music superstar, Grimes). Bright colors and patterns, almost comically oversized garments, ever changing hairstyles, and something that I like to call “power clashing” make for an incredible ensemble that not only gives a good impression of the wearer’s imagination and creativity, but takes the so called “rules” of fashion, and BURNS them. *fire emoji*



I love the relationship between fashion and music. Every single genre and sub-genre seems to have its own visual aesthetic, and as you explore music you can also pick up on the style trends that accompany the sounds. The two go hand in hand. This is where I get a lot of inspiration from in my own personal styling as well as when styling within Betty’s and Divine Trash. The music we play in the shop might as well be a free form radio show— we can go from old country like Willie Nelson to heavy metal like Black Sabbath to sweet and soothing tunes like Jens Lekman all in a matter of minutes— and in 2017 I plan to emulate that fluidity in my wardrobe. I’m about to bust out that bright eye shadow, put on my craziest pants and embrace the endless possibilities that form when you do not limit yourself.

My predictions for the most popular looks of 2k17:
-Girl trapped in a DEVO Album cover
-Space Cowboy
-90s Goth Pre-school Teacher-Business Casual Alien
-Selections from a clothing swap at Stevie Nicks’ house
-Cool Dad who listens to Pavement and drinks coffee out of an NPR mug every morning
-Jackson Pollock’s stint in Cosmetology
-The textile manifestation of the Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” music video
-Velvet Painting

*sparkle emoji*

With this New Year comes a chance for reinvention! And so— here is my challenge to you for 2k17. Whether or not you’re ready to get weird, I invite you to visualize the rest of your year. Find inspiration everywhere, for fashion and whatever else. Dye your hair bright purple if you want to. Pair those plaid pants with a striped shirt and own it. Keep it minimalistic, or don’t. Try something new, or just stick to what you know. Just do you. But don’t be afraid to push your limits and the limits of others. Whatever you decide to do, there is a lot in store for 2017, and we have to make the most of it!

That’s all for now, pal.

Signing off from La La land,

~ Kaylen








Locally Made is the Best Made

WTF IT WAS -15 DEGREES THIS MORNING. I mean, Sirius Black, that’s no joke. And here in these frigid temps, how do you keep from freezing your ass off? Racking up the heating bill and watching movies inside? Heading to hot yoga? Bundling up so much that you can barely move your arms or legs?

Well we have a suggestion for you. Maybe you should come try on these amaaaaazing new wool overalls we just stocked up on from local (Bozeman!) clothing company, Revivall.

Currently we have them in army green and gray. And my, oh my, are these bad boys comfy and warm! And not just that, but totally flattering and awesome! Revivall Clothing believes in reusing materials and quality goods made in the USA. Founder Laura Lee Laroux thinks one should enjoy fashion and that it should reflect your personal style, all without sacrificing eco-ethical morales. And we can totally get behind that. And for a $150 price point for sustainably sourced locally made clothing, that ain’t bad!

New Year New U

Lol no.

But there is something to be said for starting out a new year with intention. Whether it be deciding to not wake up hungover on New Year’s Day or taking up yoga or going to bed earlier, setting New Year’s intentions doesn’t have to be cliche, and you don’t have to beat yourself up for not meeting said expectations. And even if you only make it through half of February with your resolution, at least you made it that far right?  Personally I like to go for one or two resolutions that aren’t too hard to meet, like eat breakfast more regularly (insert eye-rolling emoji).

Anyways, it’s really about the party anyways. So how does your crew do it up on NYE? Like this wholesome couple?












Or maybe the whole squad gets dressed up and has a fancy dinner…










Or perhaps you and a girlfriend go out and rage it in some body-hugging dresses?












Or are you one of those annoying people who wakes up early on New Year’s Day and works out??








Or do you like to chill with your boo in sweats and hit the grocery store?












Or maybe you just like to party like it’s 1999, like SMG here. Like Y2K is about to sweep the nation. Well whatever you do, stay classy, Missoula. Or don’t, whatevs.

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