B. Lo and Shoni from Dawn ’til Dusk

Yesterday we adopted our alter egos and became B. Lo and Shoni for the day. We arose at 5 am and took the early flight out of Missoula International Airport to head to Portland to see a few of our favorite line’s Spring collections. Allison, our very lovely RVCA rep, picked us up at the airport and whisked us off to her showroom. Once there we were treated to freshly steeped tea accompanied by amazing scones and some bacon & cheddar corn muffins. Yum. We checked out both men’s and women’s RVCA, and let me tell ya, you all are in for some good stuff in 6 months! We also ordered Coal hats and got a sneak peak at the Insight Spring and Summer 2011 lines. We then ate lunch at a really, really, delish deli called Elephant. Check it out if you go to Portland. Unfortunately, we were so wrapped up in our work and the coolness of Portland that we forgot to take photos until we were on our way home. B. Lo and Shoni really like Horizon air. Not only do they now have a Green flight that is way more earth friendly, but they also serve complimentary regional beer and wines. B. Lo tried the Juggernaut ale, and Shoni had some sort of Merlot.

Portland to Seattle is a ridiculously short flight, and thus we dubbed this the 16 minute glass of wine. Shoni handled it just fine.

This was our friendly stewardess.

After a few hours, a few cocktails, and a surprise run-in with a friend in the Seattle airport we boarded the flight back to Missoula. Surprisingly, and out of the ordinary, we didn’t recognize a soul on the flight.

This sign reminded us of all you Betties out there. U cool.

Shoni sported a Lucky scarf (which is essential for plane travel) & some “vintage” Betty’s beaded sandals, and B. Lo looked like she was wearing nylons, which is a look we can get behind. Shear nylons are so hot right now.

Shoni got a toothache while landing and almost cried. At least she had some RVCA hand-me-downs to snuggle up in. Thanks Jason, Allison, and Christian for hosting us so kindly in Portland. We had a great day and are really excited about all the great clothes and accessories that we have coming!

We were also really excited to come back to a Dark and Stormy Missoula, wrapped in a rainbow!

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  1. Lael, I once had a toothache while in flight too! It was horrendous, luckily my father had some Jameson Whiskey on hand (duty free) and I was able then able to pass out while slobbering on his shoulder.

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