August Gallery Opening

For August First Friday, Betty’s Divine presents…Halisia Hubbard’s “Tour de Vine!”

Bicycles have long been an practical outlet for individuality.  Since its invention, the bicycle has been through several iterations.  The design we ride and love today, known as the Safety Bicycle, is the most energy-efficient mode of transportation on Earth.  This particular marriage between man and machine – in which we invest our own energy to reap exponential results – creates a unique bond; bikes make us better, superhuman in a way, but we have to put the work in.  These machines gave us our first taste of freedom when we lost our training wheels, and for many, have grown into a point of pride as a choice of vehicle.  Its functionality has always been paired with style. Tour de Vine taps into the flair for aesthetics at Betty’s Divine and our community’s penchant for cycling, highlighting iconic bikes from the 1950s through 80s.”


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