Gemini Mountain Swimwear!

Ahhh…Montana summer, our favorite time of year. Besides winter. And fall. And actually I don’t hate spring either….

Anyways, for some, summer is the reason why we live here! Riding our bikes up a mountain, messing about in the garden, and playing in the river. Local swimwear designer, Samantha Alario wanted to make a suit for the adventurous Montana girl, so she started Missoula-based Gemini Mountain Swimwear. For the girls who need a suit that can move with them on their outings, but also look cute as heck. Function and beauty, all in one! Once you try a GM suit, you won’t want to go back. They’re comfortable, yet cheeky (literally on some!), and keep your boobs in place! Crazy, right? And don’t fear the cheeky butt or high cut thighs. I know it can look intimidating, but often with a swimsuit, less is more! High cut thighs can lengthen your legs, and a cheeky bottom cut can flatter butts of all sizes. This is coming from a gal with a big ol’ butt too. Come and try them on in the shop! Oh and all her fits are reversible…so it’s basically like a two in one! Fuck yeah!

Camp Daze 2k17 @ Betty’s!!


Ground control to Major Tom!

This year we are excited to announce that Betty’s will play host to part of Missoula’s favorite all ages music fest–Camp Daze! On July 14th you and your peeps can catch some awesome bands in the back alley of Betty’s Divine from 5-8 p.m. All are welcome to come shop, bop and have a good ol’ time. Don’t forget to check out for updates, tickets, shenanigans and DIY music goodness!

~*~Lineup 4 tha @ll3y~*~

5:30 p.m. – – – Ancient Forest (MT)

6:00 p.m. – – – Erin Szalda-Petree (MT)


6:30 p.m. – – -Mega Bog (WA)

7:00 p.m. – – -Pleasures (FL)

Bring your friends, bring your dogs, bring your grandma! (& don’t forget a donation for Camp Daze—all proceeds from the festival benefit the ZACC!)

See ya there, astronauts!!

The people demanded it. And so it was.


You (YOU!) can now shop Divine Trash online! Yessss!

Our unique mystery style shopping experience makes for fun and surprising packages. We like to compare it to packing your suitcase drunk, you never know what you’ll wind up with! You can shop by category, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can sign up for a monthly subscription we have dubbed “Trash Club”—sort of our take on the Jelly of the Month Club, or one of those boxes where they send you delicious snacks. Every month, our team of skilled pickers/Willie Nelson enthusiasts/vintage connoisseurs/Cher obsessed Divine Trash-heads will hand select an item from our treasure trove of unique threads and send it to you (with free shipping, yo). So you can turn heads without having to get your hands dirty. It’s easy to sign up, and besides, if we don’t keep the USPS in business, who will? (Just kidding).

So whether you don’t have the time to scour the racks of bargain shoppes for vintage wares or you just love to be surprised, could be your new favorite stop on the World Wide Web.

Smash this link to get your fix now!

Which B.A. Betty are you?

Since the beginning of time, there have been many powerful women kickin’ butt, taking names, and changing the course of history. The phrase “The Future Is Female” has been coming up a lot lately around the shop (partially because of the rad line of t-shirts by OTHERWILD) but the past was certainly female, too. Which one of these badass ladies are you?


-Loves magic
-Owns more than one tarot deck
-Will read your crushes birth chart to make sure you’re astrologically
compatible before you waste your time (i.e. a good friend)
-Voice of an angel







-Spends more time in a cafe drinking coffee and reading poetry
than at home
-Prefers to wear jeans and a t-shirt
and has a finely curated collection of both
-Takes no sh*t from anyone
-Kinda shy at first, but put her in front of a microphone
and she will scream louder than anyone else







-Ain’t afraid to fight in a mini-dress and high heels
-Half of her closet is leopard print, the other half is sequins
-Loves karaoke
-Stays out ’til the wee hours of the morning, but still shows up
to work on time, with fresh hair and makeup, with coffee in hand.
-Instills fear in the hearts of men










-Bedroom walls are covered with her friend’s art
-Will give you a tattoo in exchange for your
brother’s old Melvins t-shirt
-Always covered in glitter
-Considers herself an experimental hair stylist








-Will call you out on your sh*t
-Driven to be the best at what she does, always.
-Politically active AF









-You can tell her mood by how many
beaded necklaces she’s wearing at once
-Doesn’t mind smoke
-Life of the party
-Chill as heck
-Has singlehandedly won multiple bar fights






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