Can I return this dress? My trip to Sandals Jamaica was cancelled!

Cash or credit (depending on how you paid) is offered on returned items 30 days from date of accompanying receipt. After 30 days, store credit only will be given as long as items are within the season.

If you live out of Missoula, send us items you wish to return to us along with:


*number, expiration date and zip code of credit card used

*your phone number…just in case!


Garments/items must be unworn and unwashed.

No returns on sale items.

No cash back on gift exchanges…store credit only.

No returns on Divine Trash Vintage.



These pants are too long? Every time I wear them I trip and fall on my face! Help me!

We have a lovely, talented and affordable Seamstress available to meet most needs.   Bring your repairs and hemmings into the store, and for more involved alterations, contact us for her phone number.

For hemming of pants, we suggest washing them at least twice.  Then bring them in during store hours with a pair of shoes you would wear them with for height purposes. Turn around is no more than a week and hemming typically costs $10 per pair.



Is this a thrift store?

It’s all new…though our affection for styles of previous era’s is quite obvious from the moment you walk into the store.

2015 update! We now have a curated vintage department located in the back of Betty’s, Divine Trash Vintage…hand selected vintage clothing, shoes and accessories that all the current fashions take their inspiration from.



What’s deal with layaway, anyways?

We’re old fashioned here at Betty’s Divine, and in staying loyal to that, we have instituted an excellent layaway policy that allows you to get what you want, in the right size and color, even if you can’t afford it all now! By putting a mere 20% down, we put aside your desired items at no interest, and with at least one payment a month until it’s yours!

Psst…be absolutely sure you want what you put on layaway cause if you change your mind later, your deposit and payments are non-refundable!