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Plant Water SALE
Plant Water SALE

Plant Water SALE

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These amazing hydrosol mists are the best way to end and start the day, or even if you just need a little pick me up they are bound to make you feel like a more chill version of you. 

  • greasewood plantwater This cooling hydrosol is a great after-sun spray to restore skin's balance and help protect from the drying effects of the sun. Mist face to smell cool relief of summer rain on hot, dry soil. Contains distillation of wildcrafted greasewood (Larrea tridentata) and water.
  • rose petal + hip plantwater    
    Delight your heart and skin with wild rose plantwater, harvested along New Mexico's high desert streams and distilled in small batches.  This nourishing plantwater tones and brightens the most delicate skin and moods.  Mist face and body to renew skin and relax into summer days in the high desert mountains. Contains distillation of wildcrafted wild rose (Rosa spp.) and water
  • willow plantwater
    Find quietude and cool relief with willow plantwater, harvested from New Mexico's desert waterways.  This gently exfoliating plantwater soothes lines, lightens scarring and renews dry skin. Mist face and body to quiet skin and feel some much needed tranquility by the river.  Contains distillation of wildcrafted willow bark+leaf (Salix exigua) and water.
  • No synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients ever.
  • 2.7 oz aluminum bottle
  • Please take in plantwaters the day they are delivered. They can freeze if left outside in the winter.