Trash Club Gift Subscription
Trash Club Gift Subscription

Trash Club Gift Subscription

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Is your coworker always complaining about how they don't have anything to wear? Is your nephew going on and on about how the planet is dying, but they still need new clothes? Is your neighbor always getting Taco Bell doordashed, but they talk about how expensive Nordstrom Rack is? Is your sister Kat Stratford from '10 Things I Hate About You' ?? Have we got the gift for you! Gift them the gift of Trash Club! Just get them this seasonal (4 shipments a year) gift of vintage clothes! It's only $30 every 3 months. You'll buy this, we send you a cutie e-mail to forward or print out (if you own a printer...) as the 'gift', they fill out the survey from and VOILA! They get vintage straight to their doorstep. Can you think of a more thoughtful gift that you don't have to put much thought into at all? I sure can't...


  • You will complete our quick and kinda enjoyable style quiz, where you can give us a sense of your fashion likes and dislikes.  This is a personal styling service after all, the more details you give us about your life, the more we can stalk you! #spillthebeans 
  • Within 10-14 days of signing up, you will get your first installment of amazingness picked exclusively for you by your own vintage stylist.
  • Note on stylists: there's only 3 of us and we work out of a (haunted) basement in Montana. When it's your time of the month, we discuss you, try things on for you, and chant your name like a mantra. We call this our "Trash Club Algorithim."


  • A spectacular item of vintage realness that will tie your modern closet together.
  • You can expect to receive something completely different every shipment.  Might be a gauzy sundress, a well worn tee shirt, a rainbow windbreaker, a completely sheer blouse or perhaps a tooled leather purse.
  • A personal note from your Trash Club pen pal, with styling advice, bad jokes, and maybe a good story about where your item was discovered!

Leave it to us. And watch your collection of vintage one-of-a-kind garments grow!


Your card will be charged $30 every 30 days (or quarterly) from sign up date. I.E. if you sign up on the 5th of the month, your card will be charged on the 5th of every month. Trash Bags will ship within a week of charge. You will receive an email notification when your package has shipped.