Aimee McQuilkin

Betty’s Divine is owned by Aimee McQuilkin, Oregon native and Missoula resident since 1995. Fashion doesn’t interest her as much as costumes and playing dress up does, thanks to her Gramma and her bottomless trunk of garage-sale-procured play clothes.  Along with her husband, two daughters, and multiple pets, Aimee enjoys bird watching, devouring books, riding bikes, thrifting, adventures, smelling things, and making people’s day. Her current style inspiration comes from SE Hinton’s The Outsiders, witches, soiled doves and kurta pyjamas. She is constantly striving to replicate the witty banter of John Cusak’s record store clerk’s in High Fidelility…

Miranda Hickox

Miranda Hickox hails from Boston, Massachusetts where she gained an appreciation for all things antique, nautical, and British.  After studying Art History at Colorado College, she truly fulfilled her pioneer destiny to move West by relocating from New York City to Missoula in 2010, where she has been cackling loudly ever since.  Miranda’s love of apparel also stems from a passion for dress-up and costume, and she believes clothing is the best medium on which to express yo’ self.  When she’s not slanging the dopest threads at Betty’s Divine, Miranda can be found hunting for vintage gold for Divine Trash (which she co-owns with boss lady Aimee), teaching Pilates and Barre at Move Missoula, or petting the neighborhood kitties. Her current style obsession is Cher, on every album cover, ever.

Julia La Tray

In her life Julia La Tray has been a horse trainer, a show jumper, and a snakebite survivor. She’s been an ignorer of parental directives in Panama and an expat in France. She’s slung vintage wears at a thrift store, played a banjo through a Marshall stack, and hiked Machu Picchu. Love led her north, and now she couldn’t quit Missoula or Montana if she tried. When she isn’t casting flies at fish in the local rivers, she brings a keen eye for clothes to Hip Strip Bettys, many of who may recognize her as the fashion designer DonkeyGirl, and winner of the Project Selvedge competition, 2010.

Kaylen Alan Krebsbach

Kaylen Alan Krebsbach is Betty’s self-proclaimed Willie Nelson expert. (Seriously. Ask her.) Kaylen grew up in Missoula where she gained an affinity for all things musical. When she isn’t wielding a guitar onstage or moseying all over the country slingin’ merch, she’s most likely at home in her room organizing her extensive VHS and record collection alphabetically, drinking too much coffee, writing songs or watching videos of cute animals on the web. Though notorious for being reclusive, you may have sighted her sitting in the back corner of Butterfly Herbs reading a Patti Smith memoir or furiously doodling. It’s even more likely that you’ve seen her sifting through the racks at local thrift shops for new additions to her wardrobe. Kaylen holds vintage clothing very near and dear to her heart—so if you ever find yourself in need of a guide to navigate your way through the racks of Betty’s baby sis Divine Trash, she’s your girl. Chances are she’ll try to talk you into that chiffon Stevie Nicks inspired number. Trust her, it looks awesome.

Beth Rademan

Beth Rademan is the oh-so-talented seamstress for Betty’s! In addition to being a master of the sewing machine, she has also been a dental assistant for past 38 years. Beth learned to sew from her mom and in home ec classes (looks like someone was paying attention in school!). In 2008, Beth started her own mending business, “Mending Done Right.” In her spare time, she likes to make tee shirt quilts and donate them to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, who her SO is a member of. And when she’s not mendin’ or cleanin’ teeth, you can find her visiting her lovely daughter in Spokane, or shopping at thrift stores!