What we're doing at home and how we're staying sane

This whole COVID-19 nonsense has turned us upside down. We're not in the shop, Jethro's living his new life amongst teenagers and we're putting your clothes in coolers for you to come pick up. Nothing is the same and TBH, it's a little liberating. 

We always took security for granted, so finding new ways to innovate has been scary, nerve-racking and freeing. Welcome to the new Betty's Divine! Where you can't come in, but we'll moon you through the window if you want. Not really, but you never actually know...

We're working from home as best we can and keeping ourselves sane with baking, adorable memes, taking selfies (despite hating that word and refusing to do so every day in the past), taking our dogs on walks, having cocktail hours via zoom and trying not to kill our quaranteam bc of PMS. 

What are you doing from home? How are you staying sane? 


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