Trash Club FAQs

We hope the following "call and response" portion of our website will answer any lingering questions you have. If not, hit that contact link!! We live to serve ye.

What is Trash Club?

Trash Club is like a CSA membership, but instead of a box of organic vegetables, you'll get a fresh and delicious in-season serving of vintage clothing! You'll get to tell us all about your fashion likes and dislikes, and every month your personal stylist (i.e. a vintage-loving nerd) will select items specifically for you. Once you sign up, your wardrobe will begin to receive regular injections of fabulous vintage fashion! 

Want to learn more about our World Famous Trash Club or are you desperate to sign up? Smash dis!

What is considered vintage clothing?

To be “vintage” an item only needs to be 20 years old. (Fuck, we feel old.) Divine Trash primarily specializes in vintage clothing from the 1970s to the 2000s. Why those eras? Because they are relevant to the styles trending in fashion today. We can send you the OG version of that amazeballs mumu, just like the super expensive boutique replica. And, as the masses twist their desires towards new horizons, we'll be there leading the way...only with styles 20 to 40 years older.

Where does this shit come from?

Short answer: all over! Long answer: No, literally, all over. We scavenge the Pacific Northwest in search of goodies for you, from our home state of Montana, to the farthest reaches of the Northwest and beyond. You can find us criss-crossing the country in vehicles we own or borrow, blasting the podcasts and hunting for vintage clothing gold in scary church basements, thrift stores with unforgiving fluorescent lighting, and sketchy estate sales. And sometimes it's unburdening grief and items for loved ones. It's all the things and it's all for you, baby.

Why can't I choose the exact garment I want?

We here at Divine Trash are committed to keeping our prices affordable. So by bypassing photographing, measuring, and answering all of your dumb questions regarding our ever-changing inventory, we keep our prices affordable. Not to mention, it's fun. When was the last time you were surprised? Every time you order with Divine Trash, it's like you're a kid on Christmas morning again. It's like giving a present to yourself. And you deserve it, you goddamn gorgeous beast.

And lastly, we're really fucking good at picking out clothing that people like and want to buy. Our brick and mortar shop on the main street of Missoula gets mad compliments from rock stars and grandma's alike. You can trust us to send you something you didn't know you wanted!

Not convinced? Come visit us at 509 S. Higgins Ave. on the Hip Strip in Missoula, Montana. Suite 69, duh.

Why are there stains and rips and stuff on some of the clothes?

So vintage clothing basically means it’s old. It has been loved, and sometimes love hurts. There are definitely times when we find things in mint condition, meaning never worn and still has its Contempo Casuals price tag on it! However, more often than not, we are drawn to the threadbare, the holey (and we mean more like Courtney Love hole-y, not baptism gowns holy), and just the most fucked up tears and stains that tell a story.  We love imagining the heiress accidentally spilling droplets of tanning oil on her mesh coverup while on a cruise to St. Tropez. Or clothes worn to fabulous dinner parties where sauce flew from expensive porcelain bowls, and wine flowed freely...and occasionally flowed down your new peasant blouse. Or perhaps those well placed shredded ass tears on a vintage pair of bell bottom Levi’s, so cool now, but not so when they were first born on the clumsy rollerskater at SkateWorld in 1986.  

We could keep going on and on, but our point is that we are well aware of the so-called “blemishes” on clothing you might receive. And in fact, we believe they enhance the item, and what makes it so Divine Trash-y.  After all, many people pay an arm and a leg just to get their clothes in that perfect Divine Trash condition.

How does the sizing work?

Vintage sizing is weird. Things look small and are actually big and then sometimes things look like they'd fit and you can't get them over your head! You might grab a vintage item that bears the same size that you might buy in a boutique today, but turns out it's freakin' child-sized. It's like David Lynch had something to do with it! 

Lucky for you, we've resized most garments to reflect 21st century sizing. So even though you have marked your size as a small, don't be alarmed if you receive a dress that's a vintage 12. And don't worry, we won't send anything that is super fitted. We try to choose pieces that could fit a wide range of sizes and body types.

So when you check out, select the size you would choose in a store today. All of our sweatshirts, sweaters, jean jackets, and t-shirts are unisex sized (meaning men's sizing), so size up, gals! 

But have faith in us. We're experienced shopbabes who are good at grabbing the right sizes for people. And feel free to get in touch if you have more sizing questions!

Why no returns?

Like we said, we want to keep Divine Trash affordable for you! So by cutting out all the back and forth of returns, we can focus on gathering the sweetest vintage stuffs for you, and can keep prices low.  There is a certain amount of trust that our customers have in us. You can’t return to a garage sale, right, bish? And this method of shopping isn’t for everyone. If you’re the type that likes to hem and haw over every detail of an item before purchasing, perhaps Divine Trash isn’t for you (or maybe you should visit our brick and mortar in Missoula, Montana!). This is for the risk takers, those who order the chef’s choice without a glance at the menu.  However, for our Trash Club members, you will be able to give us a little more information about your likes and dislikes.  If you sign up, you will complete a small (and fun!) style survey, which you can adjust at any time.  As your personal vintage clothing stylists, we will work together to get you the stuff you want to wear! We welcome feedback, so if what we’ve sent you isn’t working for you, let us know, and as Cher as our witness, we will do better next time.