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Together, we are more than we are separately 

Aimee McQuilkin (she/her)

Founder of Betty’s Divine and co-founder of Divine Trash Vintage, Aimee has been a Missoulian since 1995. Fashion, per se, doesn’t interest her as much as costumes and playing dress up does, thanks to her Gramma and her bottomless trunk of garage-sale-procured play clothes. Old things, obituaries, studying maps, smelling things, lateral acceleration, nourishing people with food, smashing the patriarchy and exploring new paradigms as well as penetrating portals in her 1982 fj6o and 1983 Bunny are her passions. Current style inspirations are the village witch, Russian babushkas, Diana Spencer and baby clowns.

Ree Vanderkarr (they/them)

Ree is an artist, expert cat whisperer, and tree hugger. Growing up in Sandpoint, ID, they became all artsy and outdoorsy just like all the other lovely folks that inhabit that beautiful place. They moved to Missoula on a whim and couldn’t be happier with the many wonderful surprises that this city has brought into their life. Ree aspires to live a nomadic lifestyle in a van with her cat, Fable, living off her art as she travels daily. They love to take lazy walks by the river and explore the mountains in their free time, which is currently the main inspiration for their artwork. Ree can be seen around town crouching behind a dorky fantasy book at a coffee shop or frantically searching for the next vintage addition to their denim collection. They have a serious soft spot for 90’s grunge, funky socks, and that tie-dye jumpsuit they wear literally every day in the summertime.

Sam Burris (she/her)

Sam fell out of her Mom in Oklahoma, clowned around Seattle for 10 years and is now pretending to hike in Missoula, Montana. She’s got her pard’ner, Joe, at home to help tame their beasts, Ollie and Milosch. You don’t need to know much, but the highlights are: She hates chocolate, is allergic to grass, can’t drink champagne, and only likes roses when they’re made of Shakespearean sonnets. Sam’s personal style is rarely trendy and can be best described as that of a bag. More than anything, she believes in the power of personal style !

Quinn McQuilkin (she/her)


Quinn is a born and raised Montanan with a passion for clothes, reading, and Thai food. She loves plants, is terrified of tsunamis, and drinks iced coffee year round. In her free time you can find her in yer local cafe, sipping on a rose matcha latte buried in a book, or dancing her butt off at the union. Her fashion sense can only be described as “Pinterest Hoe” and she has never once dressed appropriately for the weather.

Teya Hassan (she/her)


Teya was lucky enough to be born and raised in our little town of Missoula. On any given day, you can find her getting an iced coffee, or seeing the latest Timmy Chalamet movie at the Roxy. She also enjoys a homemade cocktail, audiobooks, and cookiedough ice cream. Teya’s love for fashion started with secretly borrowing her old sister's clothes any chance she got. Ultimately, her style is influenced by any random person walking down the street, her sisters, and OF COURSE the queen Zoe Kravitz. 

Lucia Baker (she/they)

Born in Missoula and raised in its surrounding mountains and rivers. Growing up in a granola family meant dressing practically, that was never something I enjoyed. I didn't care what we were doing, I just knew I wanted to look good doing it. Look good feel good has been one of my core beliefs and I truly believe in the magical effects dressing has on our confidence and sense of self. I love to experiment and push my boundaries, when it comes to fashion I avoid thinking in the box like it’s a plague. Working inwards a bit more, I love to ski, rock climb, play soccer, and adventuring with my family continues to be a vast joy for me. I enjoy music tons and love to listen to a wide variety of artists and genres. I have half assed an attempt to learn guitar a few different times but in the end I mostly love to sing. I love making art and am trying to make it a more consistent hobby in my life. I coach a 12 year old boys soccer team which brings me so much joy. It has been so rewarding entering back into communities that I flourished in as a kid, now getting to be in the position of the people I looked up to so much. I’ve worked at Bettys for about a year now and am so thankful for the people I’ve met here. Cheers to good humans, good hobbies, and cool hair. 

Beth Rademan (she/her)

Beth Rademan is the oh-so-talented seamstress for Betty’s! In addition to being a master of the sewing machine, she has also been a dental assistant for past 38 years. Beth learned to sew from her mom and in home ec classes (looks like someone was paying attention in school!). In 2008, Beth started her own mending business, “Mending Done Right.” In her spare time, she likes to make tee shirt quilts and donate them to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, who her SO is a member of. And when she’s not mendin’ or cleanin’ teeth, you can find her visiting her lovely daughter in Spokane, or shopping at thrift stores.