Commitment to Sustainability

We know how devastating the fashion industry is to our global environment and strive to prioritize financial, social and environmental responsibility in every aspect of our business. In all honesty, we are truly hippies at heart, so most of this list of efforts has been a part of who we are from our launch in 2005.

This is a work in progress, we are constantly evolving and improving. We are not perfect nor will we ever be. Here are our efforts thus far and goals for the future…reach out with any questions and suggestions! We cannot do this alone!

At Betty’s Divine and Divine Trash Vintage, we are committed to the following:

More than 70% of our vendors work towards the same goals as us by being 

  • Produced Locally
  • Fair Trade
  • Female Founded
  • Use organic or sustainable fibers and methods of growing, production and packaging
  • Made in the USA or ethically imported

When choosing styles for the shop, we consider cost per wear as well and choose fabrics and prints that can withstand the bad ass Montana lifestyle and food splashes from cooking curry and eating hot dogs. We have made a concerted effort to change how we buy, aka, we are buying LESS and encourage you to do the same. In addition, we have altered HOW we buy…we used to fly on carbon loaded airplanes 4 times a year to buy for the shop at large gross tradeshows. Covid broke us of that habit and now we use modern technology to buy instead. Owning up to flight shame is now part of our mission.

We donate unsold merchandise to Soft Landing, a  non-profit that helps Missoula, Montana, to be a welcoming, supportive and informed community that can assist refugees to integrate and thrive.

When merchandise is returned we never throw it away! It is repaired by our seamstress or refashioned into a new garment and given away.

We use carbon neutral shipping when shipping online orders.

Vintage!!! You can’t get more environmentally responsible than to reuse clothing. In addition, we employ a seamstress who repairs and brings back to life many garments that would otherwise be thrown in the landfill. We also have incorporated art techniques using bleach, block printing, tie dye and screen printing to further “stain” garments and make them more wearable.

We use bags that are 100% recycled and we ship out Trash Club picks in mailers that are compostable. Our hangtags are printed here in Missoula on a printing press and use 100% cotton paper. Fun fact: that paper is made from post-consumer clothing waste! The cycle keeps a turnin’!

Our building uses LED and natural lighting, minimal heating/AC and recycled paper products. In addition, our racks, displays and dressing rooms were designed and built by a local artisan. Coming soon: solar panels on our roof!!!!!

We are a Female Founded small business that offers health insurance, retirement, paid sick leave and an atmosphere conducive to creativity and growth. We actively are shifting from the pyramid matrix of capitalism/patriarchy into one that is circular/lateral and better reflects nature and equality.

We support many local non-profits, especially those promoting art, fact based news, building community, equity, racial injustice and fighting the patriarchy and its gross path of destruction (see WE GIVE A SHIT page for details!)

We strive to create an inclusive atmosphere that is sensitive and responsive to all. We do not tolerate bullying or hate speech and are a safe space for humans and their animal friends.